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Monday, February 4, 2019

Frogman’s summer printmaking and Book Arts workshops

Frogman's offers 1-week Printmaking and bookmaking courses taught by visiting instructors at the University of Nebraska Omaha Studios.  Courses include screen printing, letterpress, etching, engraving, mezzotint, monotype, artist's books and more. Workshop students are typically a mix or college students, college professors, professional artist's, and arts educators. 

UNT Printmaking majors and Printmaking Graduate Students can get advanced elective course credit this Fall for pre-approved summer workshops through ASTU 43025302Printmaking Remote Research, which formalizes the off-campus experience into a series of projects that focus on demonstrating new technical skills, presenting awareness of contemporary practices, documentation of professional development, and participating in professional networking opportunities.  Interested students must contact the Printmaking program coordinator Andrew DeCaen to review the requirements then register for the workshop.

Stone Lithography
with Michael Barnes
July 1-6

Metal Engraving
with James Ehlers
July 1-6

Color Intaglio
with Eunkang Koh
July 1-6

Wile Out with Woodcut!
with Ryan O’Malley
July 1-6

Monotype / Monoprint Panoply
with Jillian Sokso
July 1-6

with Brad Vetter
July 1-6

Wonderful Color Woodcut
with Brett Anderson
July 8-13

Water-based Screenprint
with Janet Ballweg
July 8-13

Joining the Dark Side: Mezzotint
with Jacob Crook
July 8-13

Relief Engraving
with Johana Mueller
July 8-13

Voodoo Litho
with Richard Peterson
July 8-13

Books, Boxes and Boundaries
with Cynthia Nourse Thompson
July 8-13