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Sunday, June 30, 2013

UNT Scholarship Recipients at Frogman's Printmaking Workshops

Three UNT printmakers are recipients of the Frogman's Scholarship this summer.  Su Tran (BFA 2014), Lauren Alexander (BFA 2014), and Ava Evarett (BFA 2015) will divide the award.  UNT Printmaking won an award for having so many students representing our program last Summer at these amazing workshops.

The Frogman's Printmaking Workshops are a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of printmaking and network with printmakers from across the country.  The workshops are held the first two weeks of July every summer.  Artists, art students, and and art educators come together from all over the country to learn from the best of the best.  The University of South Dakota hosts the workshops in Vermillion, SD.  The workshops include demonstrations, visiting artist's lectures, exhibitions, an open portfolio session, and many other invigorating activities!  Read more  at the Frogman's Workshops website.  

UNT Prinmaking majors can earn 3-hours academic credit through a "special problems course in the fall formalizing the experience with a series of demonstrations and presentations.  If you are intersted in this, please contact professor Andrew DeCaen before going to the workshops.