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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Adam Rowlett (MFA 2014) and Preston Bradley (MFA 2015) will be featured in the exhibition Intersections at UNT on the Square.

Intersections: Collaborative Inquiries in Painting
June 13 - July 17 2013
UNT on the Square
109 N. Elm St.
Denton, TX  
(940) 369-8257

Reception: June 14, 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

This exhibition offers the community a chance to view high quality individual pieces as well as unique works that stem from a collaboration of the artists.  Professor of Studio Arts Robert Jessup selected the participating artists: Preston Bradley, Trey Egan, Rachel Fischer, Bumin Kim, Hanna Kim, Kai Martin, Shayne Murphy, Cassie Phan, Fari Rahimi, Adam Rowlett, Justin Strickland and Michelle Thomas.  Most of the artists are drawing and painting majors, but the show also features two printmaking graduates and one sculpture graduate, noted Cassie Phan, who is an exhibiting artist and helped organize the exhibition.

Each artist has been asked to exhibit their individual work, in addition to collaborations with participating artists. The title of the show, Intersections, refers to that collaborative effort, Phan said, and the group hopes to bring to light the commonalities with their works as well as the possibility that the combined efforts of different artists can foster a new experience for both the artists and the viewers.  “The collaborative aspect of the show is unique, and I hope will provide insight into the diverse processes found across the graduate program at UNT,” Phan said. “As some of the work presents painting in a nontraditional light, I think this show can lend to a broader definition of painting within the community.”  The process among the artists has been interesting to watch, too, Phan said. In the collaboration between Kai Martin and Rachel Fischer, a mixed media work on paper that combines drawing and painting, the artists crossed out some elements.  “This seems to bring an interesting twist to the idea of collaboration – in particular in terms of editing,” said Phan, who has been painting for about 10 years.  In her own experience with the exhibition, the collaboration has allowed Phan to learn more about the studio practices of her peers. In addition to her own work, she is exhibiting collaborative pieces with Fischer, Hanna Kim and Michelle Thomas.  “The experience of working with each of these artists has been incredibly rewarding – far more than I ever anticipated,” Phan said. “By responding to the marks made by other painters, and sometimes working simultaneously on the same piece, I have been able to further consider different perspectives and motivations for making work. Group critique seeks to accomplish this, but can only go so far. This process has been an extension of our education in this sense. The whole process has created an energy among many participants that has been great to see.”