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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thank you from Cat Snapp and Laura Drapac

Laura Drapac's work
Cat Snapp's work
Cat Snapp and Laura Drapac recently mounted a successful MFA thesis exhibition. They share a few images and thoughts about their show:
The reception for our show, Truths & Lies: Explorations in Human Nature, was joyful yet bittersweet. The past three years were filled with all-nighters, caffeine, artistic growth and days in the studio full of jokes and laughter, so although we are looking forward to what life brings us next we cherish this special experience that we only get once. The reception was a reminder of this journey as friends and family that supported us the entire way and cheered us on to the finish line surrounded us. It means more than we can express that so many people came out to show their support.

We'd like to thank everyone who made it out and we give special thanks to the faculty and students at UNT, especially:
Andy Decaen
Lari Gibbons
Liz Holden
Sarina Fuhrmann
Adam Palmer
Chris Wallace
Linda Santana
Adam Rowlett

- Laura H. Drapac and Cat Snapp