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Sunday, March 19, 2017

UNT Printmakers at SGCI

Sarah Ellis leads the SGCI Student Panel
Congratulations to our printmakers who participated in Southern Graphics Council International 2017 conference in Atlanta!

Sarah Ellis chaired the SGCI Student Panel, Nexus of Thought: Developing a Strong Conceptual Framework with panelists Carey Good, Katherine Miller, and Chad Euhlein. Panelists shared their experiences with how travel, education, and personal discovery have influenced their practice and helped them identify the core concept of their work. Sarah currently serves as the Student Representative on the SGC International Executive Board.

Jessie Barnes' print for Train of Ink
Jessie Barnes participated in the Train of Ink portfolio exchange organized by Emily Arthur, John Hitchcock, and Martin Begaye. The portfolio asked each artist respond to the historical journey of  Fort Marion prisoners through the creation artwork responding to either prisoner biographies, leger drawings or topography of the changing landscape of the train route from Oklahoma to Florida.

Jessie Barnes, Sarah Ellis, Kayla Seedig, and Zackary Petot participated in the Open Portfolio.

Interim Area Coordinator Syd Webb participated in the Tiny Press Round Up, whose goal it was to set a World Record for number of tiny presses working on one project!

P.R.I.N.T Press Director Lari Gibbons spoke on the SGC International Sponsored Panel chaired by Kevin Haas of Washington State University. This panel provided examples for the print studio as a multifaceted learning environment where art practice, project management, budgets, safety, and administration are all at play. Participants also included Jill Graham (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design), Angee Lennard (Spudnik Press Cooperative), and Nicolette Ross (Spudnik Press Cooperative).

Work by Lari Gibbons was also included in Uncertainty Principle, a portfolio organized by Sean P. Morrissey and Lenore Thomas. The project reflects the dynamic field of printmaking by inviting artists who fluidly work across or at the edge of disciplines to apply their aesthetic and conceptual vision to the multiple.

For P.R.I.N.T Press participation in the conference, see P.R.I.N.T's blog!