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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Core Talk: Chuck and George

Core Talk:  Chuck and George
Monday, March, 28, 2016
1-1:50 pm
Sage Hall Rm. 116

Collectively known as “Chuck & George”, UNT alumni Brian K. Jones and Brian K. Scott have collaborated off and on since they joined artistic forces in 1990 while at UNT.  Their autobiographical work takes many forms, which include painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, animation, and installation.  Their installations may include hand painted wall and floor coverings, which transform space into a kind of set in which Chuck and George act out strange and sometimes grotesque scenarios.  The artists’ own likenesses are utilized to animate their cheeky images. Common themes are storytelling, 80's pop songs, vintage television, kittens, comics, art history, domesticity, childhood, love and violence. The duo currently resides and works in Oak Cliff, where their home functions as their largest running collaborative installation.