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Friday, February 12, 2016

Constructed Horizons at 500X Gallery.

Melody Vaughan's curatorial project Constructed Horizons is showing at 500X Gallery.

Constructed Horizons 
500X Gallery (Upstairs Project Space)

Opening  Reception: Saturday, February 13th 7-10pm

Hours:  Saturday & Sunday, Noon to 5 p.m. Weekdays by appointment
Contact:  gallery500x@yahoo.com, 214-828-1111

Constructed Horizons - Portfolio Exchange Exhibition

Historically, the idea of "American Landscape" summons imagery of sublime and seemingly endless skies, rivers, and mountains. However, today's typical experience of landscape is quite different. We move through a grid-like environment that is constructed around the natural landscape. Grass, trees, and streams are surrounded with concrete; horizons slowly become structural and geometric, while buildings and power lines tower overhead.

Constructed Horizons aims to explore ideas and themes associated with contemporary expansion and the build environment. It seeks to strengthen the printmaking community by creating a dialogue about the evolving American landscape and the sprawling structures that are superimposed upon it. The non-traditional image size (10x30 inches) will engage the subject matter by challenging the artist to work in either panorama or in vertically stacked space.