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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Internship to Employee: Colton Robertson

Colton Robertson at Pan Ector Industries.
Colton Robertson (BFA 2015) completed an internship at Pan Ector Industries in Fall 2014. He had already learned the basics of acrylic screen printing on paper in his classes at UNT, and in his internship learned to differences of printing with plastisol on apparel.  Colton's responsibilities included activities such as reclaiming and prepping screens, printing on a manual press, sorting print jobs, and helping with live printing events.  As he was competing the internship he applied and got the job for a position at Pan Ector.  He was so exited to leave his dead-end retail job, but even more  excited to work in the commercial printing industry.  Congratulations, Colton, on your position at Pan Ector Industries!

Many BFA Printmaking majors take advantage of the opportunity to get college credit for a professional internship in an art or design field.  There are a variety of businesses and organizations that are seeking interns, and many students choose to do an in internship in a commercial screen print shop.  These opportunities give student an opportunity to learn about industry-based printmaking, gain on-the-job training, hone professional skills, and make connections that can lead to meaningful employment.