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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Opportunity: Illustrate Time for UNT's Planetarium

UNT's planetarium is looking for an illustrator to produce up to thirteen images for a new show about time. Funding is available.

It is an interesting story about the astronomical and historic basis of time measurement, from seasons to years, months, hours and beyond. The images will ultimately be digital stills projected during voice over transitions from one star sequence to another. The images could be produced digitally or in any traditional media. The organizers are open to artistic freedom but the images to be appropriate for all audiences and be able to convey the story quickly. Organizers would like to have the show ready by late September so this would be a summer (August) project if possible.

Contact Lari Gibbons, who will put you in touch with project organizers.

Here are the images they are looking for:

1. Stone age people making tools i.e. spears
2. Stone age hunters looking into the sky
3. Hunters tracking a mammoth
4. Hunters around a campfire cooking a kill
5. Early farmers looking into the sky
6. Egyptian farmers working along the Nile
7. Sun god holding the Sun
8. Artemis holding the Moon
9. Tiwaz Holding Mars
10. Woden holding Mercury
11. Thor holding Jupiter
12. Frigg holding Venus
13. Saturn holding Saturn