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Friday, July 7, 2017

Congratulations Jaime Durham!

Tamarind's new apprentice printers Jaime Durham and Amanda Morris.
Congratulations  Jaime Durham!  Jaime Durham (BFA 2014) was one of two people selected to continue from the Printer Training Program to the Master Printer Apprentice Program at the Tamarind Institute.

Tamarind's Master Printer Apprentice Program:
"Students who have successfully completed the Printer Training Program may apply for admission to the Master Printer Apprentice Training Program, a year-long apprenticeship in Tamarind's professional workshop. A limited number, typically one or two student printers, are selected to stay on for an additional year of training in Tamarind's professional workshop. Apprentice printers collaborate with and print editions for visiting artists, participate in shop management, and conduct an extensive research project, under the supervision of the master printer and workshop manager.
Apprentice printers who successfully complete a second year apprenticeship at Tamarind are certified as Tamarind Master Printers."