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Monday, March 6, 2017

Andrew DeCaen’s Stone Lithography course at Frogman’s Print Workshops

Associate Professor Andrew DeCaen www.andrewdecaen.com  will be teaching a week-long Stone Lithography http://www.frogmans.net/Courses-Graphics.htm#Stone course at Frogman’s Printmaking Workshops at the University of Nebraska at Omaha July 3-5. 
Registration information and information on the Frogman’s experience can be viewed at the Frogman’s Website: www.frogmans.net/

Stone lithography offers a physical drawing process that can expand the sensitivity and depth of the artist’s hand.  This workshop course will cover all the basics of this beautifully complex art form where the artist draws on a limestone surface, then chemically treats it to print the drawing as a limited edition.   We will focus on additive and subtractive processes to create a state progression or a multi-color print.  Demonstrations will include:  graining the stone, various traditional and unconventional drawing and image transfer methods, etching the stone, black and color printing in register, and altering the image for states and/or over-printing.  Come learn this exciting creative art form!