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Monday, December 5, 2016



Printmaking is a Studio Art discipline centering around the many ways of transferring an image from a matrix to a surface.

ETCHING  ASTU 3310, 4310, 5310.501 Monday Wednesday 11AM – 1:50PM
Intaglio is the printing process where ink is wiped into a recessed surface while the raised smooth surface is wiped clean then printed using a high-pressure etching press.   Kinds of intaglio prints include: dry-point engraving, etching (line-etch, soft-ground, aquatint, etc.), metal plate engraving, photo-polymer plate intaglio, etc.

RELIEF  ASTU 3340, 4340, 5340.501 Monday Wednesday 2 – 4:50PM
Relief printing is a process where the raised surface of a planar matrix is inked and printed.  Kinds of relief prints include: linoleum cut prints, wood cut prints, polystyrene cut prints, photo-polymer relief prints, wood engravings, etc. In our shop relief prints are printed with an etching press or by hand with a barren.

ARTIST’s BOOKS ASTU ASTU 3305, 4305, 5305.501 Tuesday Thursday 11AM - 1:50PM
We teach Artist’s Books as a means of engaging a traditional discipline of book binding within a context of making fine art.  This class lays a foundation with a variety of binding techniques and engages conventions of sequential imagery, bound imagery, and narrative contexts in fine art.  Artist’s bookmaking is an excellent cross-over for artists who normally work in photography, drawing, fibers, sculpture and other disciplines.

SCREENPRINT ASTU 3320, 4320, 5320.501 Tuesday Thursday 2 – 4:50PM
Screenprinting is a printing process using a stencil that clogs the pores of a polyester fabric mesh.  The stencil can be hand painted into the screen, a piece of cut paper or film, or a photo-emulsion that is exposed in the screen.  The artist uses a squeegee to press ink through the mesh and onto a surface. 

MONOTYPE ASTU 3315, 4315, 5315.502 Tuesday Thursday 5 – 7:50PM
Monotype is the printing process where ink is transferred from an unstable matrix.  Monotypes can be printed using a smooth piece of Plexiglass where ink is in an additive or subtractive manner or using paper stencils.  Monotypes are the one kind of printmaking that cannot be printed identically.