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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Student Highlights: Screenprint

Student Highlights:
Instructor: Andrew DeCaen

Final Projects: Beyond Convention
Students were asked to work with unconventional ways of making screen prints:

Still from Johnathon Quinnelly's  animated screen print:
See Jonathan Qinnelly's animated screenprints at:  https://vimeo.com/165641589

Connor Elliot's screenprinted mail art pieces collaborate with people in the US and abroad around the theme of absurdity of communication through a ubiquitous medium.

Iris Liu's screenprinted puppets use a two sided print with miniature tabs to explore the theme of cultural manipulation in the objectless of the print.

JayMee Hart's maximilist screenprint pushes the number of runs to an excessively beautiful level.

Meredith Grace White's screen printed wall sculpture brings a physical sense of object to the imagery. (Image shown 2 views.)

Sam Cowan screenprinted images in mass quantity and placed them in the dormitory kiosks for student housing to explore and broadcast these images  about a psychological home. (Image shown as it was printed: 6-up.)