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Monday, November 9, 2015

Call for participantion: “Ervay 5x1"

Call for participation:“Ervay 5x1"
2015 Cedars Open Studio Tour
 November 21 from 12pm-6pm. 

Within the Open Studio Tour- The Cedars Union, Dallas Heritage Village, Ambassador Hotel, Gulf Cone, and the MAC are hosting an event we have named “Ervay 5x1.” 
Ervay 5x1  will host emerging artists performing, creating, and displaying their art. These artists can be performing theatre, sculpting, singing, showing film, painting, or any other creative expression. We are encouraging the emerging artists to think out of the box and use the nonconventional warehouse space we are providing to their advantage. We are looking for 30 artists that we will place in the historic Bodeker Ice Cream Plant at 1201 South Ervay, The Ambassador Hotel, and the Gulf Cone building. 

All expenses covered (within reason) for the artists and there will be no other compensation. Expenses include any materials or tools they need to create or display their work properly, transportation, etc.  The Cedars Open Studio Tour is expected to attract 3,000-5,000 visitors this year. We are trying to fill the spaces by the end of the week.   Please have interested artists contact Madeleine Kalb at mkalb@cedarsunion.org or 203-803-7911