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Monday, November 2, 2015

Building hours for Thanksgiving Break and Dead week

CVAD Building hours for Dead Week, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving Break.

Monday, November 16th – Tuesday November 24th 

Monday – Friday
Art Building: 5pm–Midnight
Curry Hall: 7pm–Midnight
Hickory Hall: 7pm–Midnight
Welch St: 7pm–Midnight
Oak St Hall: 7pm–Midnight

Saturday & Sunday
Art Building:   Noon–11pm
Curry Hall:  Noon–11pm
Hickory Hall:   Noon–11pm
Welch St:  Noon–11pm
Oak St Hall:   Noon–11pm

Wednesday, November 25th

Art Building:   7:30am–9pm
Curry Hall:  7:30am–9pm
Hickory Hall:   7:30am–9pm
Welch St:  7:30am–9pm
Oak St Hall:  7:30am–9pm

Thanksgiving Break (November 26-29th)

Art Building:   Campus Closed
Curry Hall:  Campus Closed
Hickory Hall:   Campus Closed
Welch St:  Campus Closed
Oak St Hall:   Campus Closed