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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Professor Lari Gibbons at the University of Arkansas

Photo courtesy University of Arkansas Printmaking
Professor Lari Gibbons recently returned from the University of Arkansas, where she served as a visiting artist in Printmaking. Assistant Professor Sean Morrissey, MFA candidate Mike Pennekamp, and undergraduate students Shasta Blackford, Tom Blakely, Ayla Dharamsey, Michael Ramirez, Justin Seymore, Lindsey Shackelford, and Kim Tomlinson collaborated with Lari Gibbons to pull two editions of prints. 

The project was made possible by the University of Arkansas' Department of Art, Red Ridge Editions, and Registered Student Organizations (R.S.O). 
(L - R) UARK students Ayla Dharamsey, Shasta Blackford and Tom Blakely at the press
Assistant Professor Sean Morrissey at the press