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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Professor Lari Gibbons at Whitman College

Using Whitman College's new laser cutter. Photo courtesy Nicole Pietrantoni
Professor Lari Gibbons recently returned from the Whitman College, where she led a workshop in Post-digital Printmaking. The project was hosted by Assistant Professor Nicole Pietrantoni and Art Department colleagues, who organized “The Hand + The Machine,” a year-long inquiry into artists’ relationship to tools and technology with support from the McMillian Foundation. 

In addition to a hands-on workshop, the series of events includes an exhibition at Whitman College's Sheehan Gallery. 

Thank you to the faculty, staff and students of Whitman College for organizing a wonderful exchange of information and series of events!

Lari Gibbons demonstrates post-digital printing processes. Photo courtesy Nicole Pietrantoni