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Monday, September 15, 2014

Luke Ball & Preston Bradley Curate a National Printmaking Portfolio Exchange

Prints by Nathan Pietrykowski, Katherine Polk and Andrew Kosten
A Printmaking Portfolio Exchange Curated by Luke Ball (MFA 2015) & Preston Bradley (MFA 2015)

9/23/14 -9/26/14

CVAD North Gallery
CVAD Art Building
1201 West Mulberry Street
Denton, TX 7620

America’s culture is one of material and consumption. The mass consumption of pre-packaged products, be it physical materials, culture, or art, generates an exorbitant amount of trash. Trash has become an essential, though often over-looked part of the American way of life. We are surrounded by garbage and immersed in a society of throwaway culture. As printmakers it is important to recognize that the cheapness and ephemerality of our materials has given prints
a status of disposability in the past.  This exchange, which incorporates a spectrum of printmaking media, aims to explore the ideas and themes associated with trash from the viewpoint of contemporary printmakers. It also aims to strengthen the printmaking community by bringing together a variety of artists to discuss the theme of TRASH.

Artists: Kathryn Polk, Andrew Kosten, Ashley Nason, Ryan O’Malley, Doug Bosley, Brandon  Sanderson, James Ehlers, Matt Hopson-Walker, Nick Alley, Meagan O’Connor, Ashton Ludden,
Katy Seals, Chris Wallace, Jonathan Metzger, Andrew Burkitt, Scott Cook, Adrienne Miller,
Mark Raymer, Nathan Pietrykowski, Marco Hernandez, Eric Euler, Amanda James, Greg Stone,
Ricardo Ruiz, Luke Ball, Preston Bradley