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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thank You Ashley Nason!

Ashley Nason Burrowing to the Stars, Lithograph, Screenprint, 2013
Thank you Ashley Nason for an awesome week!

Ashely Nason collaborated four graduate students and four seniors in the Printmaking Studios last week.  Ashley created a limited edition lithograph/screenprint titled Burrowning to the Stars.  In addition to a packed lecture for the CVAD Core Drawing class, Ashley held critiques for nine of our students.  Ashley also lead a two day screenprint workshop at P.R.I.N.T Press over the weekend, and her work was featured in the Dialogic exhibition at UNT on the Square.  We truly enjoyed it all.  Thank you!

Ashley Nason at the Press with Melody Vaughan, Su Tran, Lauren Alexander, and Jon Vogt.

From left:  Lari Gibbons, Preston Bradley, Su Tran, Ashley Nason, Anna Peterson, Lauren Alexander, 
Noelle Hays, Luke Ball, Andy DeCaen, and Jon Vogt at the Dialogic exhibition.