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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Students in Lari Gibbons' spring semester Relief Printmaking class made a book with a restored press.

Entitled Printastrophe!, this book is the first organized undergraduate class project on the Gordon letterpress, which was made in 1872 and restored in 2011.

Participants include Lauren Alexander, Francisco Alvarado, Christopher Beard, Kathleen Clark, Vita De La Vega, Jaime Durham, Morgan Everhart, Amy Fillipp, Eileen Fritz, Leigh Garcia, Christopher Johnson,Virginia Kennedy, Maritza Lomeli, Nicholas Luevano, Ryan Melott, Samantha Neel, Catherine Parkinson, Lisa Ray, and Amanda Weems. 

This is what the press looked like when we first found it. Here's what UNT wrote about its restoration.

More photos from our project: