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Friday, January 25, 2013

Now accepting applications for the Printmaking MFA program at UNT

The UNT Printmaking Program is currently made up of 6 MFA Printmaking Candidates and 35 BFA Printmaking Majors from a variety of artistic and geographic backgrounds.  Our students form a close-knit community involved in group exhibitions, national conferences, workshops, collaborations, portfolios, and other professional activities.  We host at least two Visiting Artist in printmaking annually including such recent artists as Beauvais Lyons, Charles Beneke, Tom Huck, Phyllis McGibbon, Juergen Strunck, Lloyd Menard, Joseph Velasquez, and Ryan O'Malley.  The College of Visual Arts and Design has three student galleries and there are a number of start-up art venues in Denton.  Just 40 miles away in the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth there are a wide variety of arts and cultural activities including several world-class art museums and many exceptional professional galleries. 

We have an inclusive and expansive focus on printmaking in our MFA program.  We are focused on creating the opportunity for artists to learn traditional media and processes, but open to integrating and experimenting in other media as well, especially where it compliments the artist's studies.  As a graduate student you will be determining the scope of your creative research.   We currently have graduate students who work in screenprint, various forms of intaglio, various forms of lithography, digital prints, various forms of relief prints, and conceptual extensions of print processes.  Graduate print courses will focus on idea/concept-building, contextual awareness, and professional development.  

Application Deadline for priority consideration is February 1, 2013 
(for enrolling in Fall 2013).

The UNT Printmaking studios include:
Two shared MFA Printmaking Studios (550 square feet each) including: 
26" x 50" Charles Brand Etching Press. 
Epson Stylus 7889 plotter printer.
24/7 access to the building and studios.

Critique/Presentation/Archive Studio (1,000 square feet)

Intaglio/Relief/Screenprint Studio (2,900 square feet) including: 

38" x 72" Takach Etching Press 

36" x 60" Charles Brand Etching Press 

30" x 50" Charles Brand Etching Press 

26" x 50" Charles Brand Etching Press
16" x 30" Charles Brand Etching Press 
18" x 36" Takach Etching Press 
G.P. Gordon Letterpress 
A Dark Room with Nuarc MRS 3140 exposure unit for screen, intaglio, and relief. 
Acid Room with enclosed Gene Scientific Ventilated Acid Hood.
Lithography Studio  (1,200 square feet) including:  
32" x 56" Takach Litho Press 
30" x 50" Charles Brand Litho Press 
30" x 44" Graphic Litho Press 
A selection of more than 100 litho stones (up to 30" x 24" in size) 
A Dark Room with a 40-1KS Nuarc exposure unit for lithography.

P.R.I.N.T. Press (the Print Research Institute of North Texas):  In addition to the Visiting Artists that are hosted by the Printmaking Area, the Print Research Institute of North Texas,(P.R.I.N.T. Press.) also hosts a Master Printer / Visiting Artist Collaboration every year.   Professor Lari Gibbons is the P.R.I.N.T. Press Director.   Recent collaborations include Ericka Adams/Michelle Samour, David Jones/Jeff Elrod, Jiha Moon/Ryan Burkhart, and Robyn O'Neal/Jon Lee.  In Spring 2013 we are planning a collaboration between Ryan Burkhart and Scott Ingram.  

Scholarships, Area Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships, and Teaching Fellowships 
The MFA program has a variety of Scholarships and Assistantships available.   Applicants should be sure to apply for an Area Assistantship at the time of application for the MFA program.  More Information at http://tsgs.unt.edu/graduatelife/teaching-assistantships and https://art.unt.edu/financial-aid.html

A $1000 scholarship is available for all newly accepted graduate students for the first year with potential for renewal for a second year.  This scholarship also comes with a waiver so that out-of state students pay In-State Tuition Rates during the period of the scholarship.  

Area Assistantships are working appointments available to first year graduate students.  New graduate students may apply for an Area Assistant position in the Printmaking Area, P.R.I.N.T. Press, Drawing Core, Design Core, or the Art Gallery.  Area Assistants work about 10 hours per week and pay a stipend.    

Teaching Assistantships are available after the first semester of studies in Core Drawing or Core Design with a stipend.  After the first semester, graduate students can be awarded up to two of these assistantships per semester when available.  

Teaching Fellowships in Printmaking are available to third year graduate students on a limited basis.  This teaching fellowship is an opportunity to teach a class as the Instructor of Record.  The Teaching Fellowship has a stipend. 

All Assistantship Stipends are $2800 per appointment per semester during the first 18 hours of coursework (roughly, the first year.)  After the 18 hours of coursework are complete, Assistantship Stipends are raised to $3,300 per appointment per semester.  After 30 hours are complete, Assistantship Stipends are raised to $3,800 per appointment per semester.  

There is one CVAD Full Tuition Waiver Scholarship available to a new Printmaking MFA candidate for the first year of studies. This scholarship is for an exceptional graduate student ready to hold at least one Area Assistantship position in the first semester and two Assistantship positions in the second semester of the first year.  The assistanthips associated with this scholarship each carry the normal stipends described above.  

Graduate students are encouraged to apply for other UNT scholarships, travel grants and specific project grants to further support their research.  More information at http://tsgs.unt.edu/graduatelife/toulouse_fellowships_scholarships

Printmaking Faculty:
Andrew DeCaen, MFA, University of South Dakota,  www.andrewdecaen.com
Lari Gibbons, MFA, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, www.lrgibbons.net/

Printmaking MFA Candidates:
Jon Vogt, www.jonvogt.com

Visit the following links below for more info: 
UNT Printmaking Blog:  http://untprintmakingblog.blogspot.com/
UNT College of Visual Art and Design:  http://www.art.unt.edu 
UNT Toulouse Graduate School: http://www.tsgs.unt.edu 
Current Tuition and Fees: http://www.tsgs.unt.edu/admissions/all-about-money
Application for an Area Assistantship  (PDF download) https://art.unt.edu/financial-aid.html

Please Email if you have any questions about the program or about the application process. 

Andrew (Andy) DeCaen  decaen@unt.edu
Printmaking Area Coordinator