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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review of Endi Poskovic's Solo Show by Christopher Wallace

A Review of Endi Poskovic's Solo Show at the University of Dallas by Christopher Wallace

The University of Dallas held a reception of the work of Endi Poskovic on September 23rd. Originally from Sarajevo, Poskovic is an associate professor at the University of Michigan's School of Art and Design. Poskovic's woodcut style has many influences ranging from Eastern European propaganda posters to Japanese prints of the ukiyo-e period. He formally merges these influential styles with a single phrase or word. It is in this thoughtful juxtaposition of image and text that Poskovic plays with the meaning of the prints.

Following the show reception, the artist gave a talk and a clear demonstration of a four-block color woodcut printed with the assistance of the graduate students. Poskovic's style of printing relief is unique. Typically, one color at a time is printed for an edition; but with Poskovic's method, all four color blocks are inked and printed immediately after the other on each piece of paper so a print is completed before proceeding to the next. This allows the color to be layered wet and creates a greater level of color mixing. What makes this process fascinating is that this technique can be seen as more intaglio influenced than traditional color woodcut printing.

The print collaboration and Poskovic's visit were made possible by the University of Dallas and Matrix Prints, a membership-sponsored visiting artist program for the printmaking department. Once a year, the program hosts a printmaking artist for one week to create a limited edition piece alongside the graduate students. It is an excellent program that brings a wide array of talented artists to print and exhibit in the north Texas area.
Endi Poskovic at the University of Dallas, Irving, Texas, 23 September 2011
This review was completed for ASTU 5900: Graduate Special Problems (Relief Printmaking) taught by associate professor Lari Gibbons in fall 2011. Additional reviews will be released in the coming weeks.